Closing Date
28th Feb

Residential Service Manager [Scotland]

Locations: Trojan House, Paisley

Job Type: Permanent Full Time

Salary Scale £45,000-£50,000 plus car allowance

To lead, develop, manage and ensure integration of Spark of Genius Residential Care and Education Services in accordance with strategic and operating plans.

Principal Accountabilities

Providing Direction:

  • Providing direction, effective communication, leadership, professional expertise and integration across Spark of Genius residential care services and their management teams to ensure that excellence in practice informs planning, direction, policy development and outcomes for children and young people;
  • Exercising good judgement in resolving any problems in line with HR Managers guidance to achieve sound and fair outcomes for residential staff;
  • Determining and ensuring that therapeutic approaches are known, articulated and used to inform professional practice across care and education settings;
  • Promoting Spark of Genius work to influence policy and planning for children and families using examples of our residential care services across Scotland.

Achieving Results

  • Use a range of quality measures to ensure the proper operation of Spark of Genius residential care services to achieve planned objectives;
  • Ensuring that children and young people are safeguarded and that professional practice is delivered in a child-centred and outcome focussed way;
  • Ensuring that Spark of Genius residential care services meet all regulatory requirements and achieve compliance with external inspection regimes, which includes escalating risks appropriately;
  • Implementing, monitoring and reporting on the designated targets set by the Senior Management Team in relation to the effective performance of Spark of Genius residential care services;
  • Ensuring that Spark of Genius Residential care services retains their place as a leading provider of residential and integrated services in Scotland. 

Working with People

  • Leading Spark of Genius residential care services through required programmes of change as required;
  • Ensuring that effective workforce plans are developed and implemented to increase workforce competence and confidence across the portfolio of services managed and to ensure appropriate levels of professional accountability across the range of services managed;
  • Ensuring that the need for specialist external consultancy is identified and coordinate the provision of specialist consultancy services across the range of services provided to meet the needs of children and young people, either through work with staff or directly with children and young people. 
  • Monitoring of working relationships within Spark of Genius’s residential care and education services and that areas of conflict are addressed in collaboration with the Head Teacher, Inclusion Manager and if necessary Human Resources Manager. 

Change Management

  • Contributing to a culture of innovation and change, making recommendations for  change and development where appropriate and in line with the strategic plan;
  • Use effective project management tools and best people management practices.

Quantifiable Responsibilities

  • Line management of Spark of Genius residential management teams in designated houses.   
  • Ensuring that accommodation and other resources used to provide the portfolio of services are adequate and fit for purpose. 
  • For the appropriate recruitment, selection, deployment and on-going management and development of all staff employed across the residential services. 

Scope of Planning and Responsibilities

The post holder will report to the Senior Management Team and Board whilst operating within Spark of Genius operating plans and systems. 

Spark of Genius has a range of policies, practices and procedures relating to all areas of its work.  The post holder is responsible for carrying out policy and procedural reviews as required and for ensuring the quality and consistency of the services managed.

This will be done by ensuring;

  • All policy documents are updated accordingly after review;
  • Standards are in place for practice in each service and that there is appropriate evidence for this;
  • Children’s care plans are outcome focussed and that these are appropriately maintained;
  • Proper disbursement and accounting for budgets;
  • Local business plans are completed and fed into the strategic planning process;
  • Management information is collected and reported on appropriately;
  • Effective management of staff performance and conduct through use of induction, supervision, appraisal, staff development and other human resources procedures;
  • Service user evaluation and promoting service user involvement in service design and delivery;
  • Contractual arrangements are within the policy guidelines of Spark of Genius.

Scope of Decision Making and Judgement

The post holder will be line managed by the Managing Director / Depute Managing Director who will agree the work plan.  This will include particular opportunities that arise to develop and maintain the portfolio of Spark of Genius residential services. 

In relation to local authority and other funding partners, the Residential Service Managers will be supported by the Depute Managing Director and/or the CFO in more complex funding and negotiating situations as required. 

Effective collaboration with and between Spark of Genius services and Head Office is essential to ensure that autonomy in the development and delivery of services is balanced with organisational accountability.  Once the work plan is agreed, the post

holder has autonomy to progress this and will report by exception or on the basis of any significant incidents.

The post holder will ensure effective delegation and provide general direction and guidance in support of tasks to be achieved by the range of post holders involved in Spark of Genius residential care services, assists with prioritisation where required

and may support the resolution of complex or difficult staffing or service user complaints as well as being involved as necessary in negotiations with statutory agencies and other planning partners.

The post holder will ensure that the views of service users are taken account of in service planning, design and delivery and that quality assurance measures are in place and implemented across the services managed. 

The post holder is responsible for ensuring the good reputation of Spark of Genius services is maintained and developed.

A Service Manager may represent the Senior Management Team as directed.

Key Relationships


  • Collaboration with:
  • - The Residential Managers, Head Teachers and Inclusion Managers to ensure that there is a coordinated approach to services for children using Spark of Genius’s residential care and education services, and
  • - department heads within head office to achieve an effective matrix of leadership and influence on professional practice, standards and service development;
  • The Senior Management Team to maintain effective working relationships and partnerships at regional, and national levels; and actively promote the dignity, diversity and value of service users; and promote staff support and development;
  • The Senior Management Team to ensure that appropriate expertise is available to support and develop Spark of Genius Residential Care and Education Services;
  • The post holder will maintain contact with and visit their portfolio of services on a regular basis, and no less than fortnightly.


  • The post holder will
  • - represent and promote Spark of Genius Residential care services at a local and national level, which may also entail representing individual services nationally and presenting at conferences;
  • - work closely with operational staff in statutory agencies to ensure that Spark of Genius residential care and education services remain responsive to the needs of children and families and contracting partners;

maintain contact on a regular basis with the Care Inspectorate, Education Scotland, the Scottish Social Services Council and other regulatory bodies and agency partners as appropriate.